Give to the INSIDE Idaho Endowment Fund

In April 2002, the Idaho Geospatial Committee (IGC) recognized INSIDE Idaho (Interactive Numeric & Spatial Information Data Engine) as the clearinghouse for computerized geographic information for the state. INSIDE Idaho serves as the mechanism to share data, resources, technologies and expertise to meet the increasing demands for Idaho’s geospatial information by educational institutions, government and business professionals, as well as Idaho citizens. The bulk of initial funding for INSIDE Idaho came from a 1999 Congressional grant; subsequent funding has been received from sponsorship from the University of Idaho Library, subsequent grants, and contributions from stakeholders.

The INSIDE Idaho Endowment Fund has been established to provide a stable and on-going source of supplemental funding for INSIDE Idaho. The annual earnings shall be distributed to a University of Idaho operating account designated specifically for INSIDE Idaho. Expenditures from this account may be made by the INSIDE Idaho Administrator at his or her discretion for current needs of the program. Such needs may include, but are not limited to: purchase and maintenance of data, software and hardware; salary support for temporary and/or full-time positions; travel; consultants’ fees; and other expenditures that will directly benefit INSIDE Idaho.

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